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Matt Rouge writing update for September 11, 2008

Today I’m working on a press kit for a very interesting new automobile to be launched in 2009 by a top-three Japanese automaker. For the first part of the job, I am writing original English copy based on information the company has issued online and in print.

I am also working on a piece of sports fiction that it is being serialized in a publication with a circulation of over 100,000. Once the story has been fully published, I have been told it is fine for me to post it on my site so that people who have missed installments can read the whole thing.

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Inaugural post

Sorry to everyone who has come here and found nothing. It has been a busy writing summer and fall is looking pretty acceptable too. Today I am working on a press release for a “major Japanese automaker,” as well as an internal marketing piece for the same company.

In the coming days, I’ll keep you posted on what I’m working on and will also start to get my own marketing content up on the site. Thanks again for your patience!

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