Print Advertising

I’ve written print advertising copy both for large multinationals and local firms. This work includes…

CASIO ad with copy by Matt Rouge

  • Magazine advertisements
  • Convention displays
  • Product catalogs
  • Direct mail pieces

The companies for which I’ve written include…

  • One of the world’s largest and most successful automakers
  • One of the world’s top semiconductor equipment manufacturers
  • Two of the world’s top consumer electronics manufacturers (including CASIO, shown here)
  • Local Indiana businesses

My favorite ad campaign thus far was for CASIO’s Baby-G watches. The ads were laid out by Japan’s second largest advertising agency and run in Hong Kong and other regions of Asia where English is spoken. A sample is posted here for your examination (click on it for larger image).

Because most of my writing is for automobiles and products with a technical focus, I like showing people this ad because it presents a different side of Matt Rouge. Do you think the Asian tweens and teens looking at this ad imagined it was written by a thirty-something Hoosier? Probably not!

The single piece of which I am most proud, however, was the press kit for a new hybrid vehicle released in 2009. I served as the lead writer, helping to develop the structure of the kit, assembling and adjusting preexisting content, and writing the vast majority of new copy. A boutique ad agency in Japan with which I regularly work directed the overall project and laid out the 32-page booklet, which the automaker offered both in PDF and printed form to thousands of journalists in the United States. The kit was a success, and the model has been as well.

I have written successful print advertising copy for some of the largest companies in the world, and I can help your company, too. Please contact me for additional samples of my writing or a quote on your project.

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