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Matt Rouge writing and translation update for June 11, 2009

May was busy; June is busier.

I have posted a new writing update and a new translation update, describing the interesting projects on which I’ve been working of late.

I have added a new website for the convenience of my clients: Marrubium Review, at which they may view work in progress by means of password-protected pages.

Marketing situation: I am looking to take on a few new clients for ghost blogging, script writing, and newsletter writing. In essence, I am booked until sometime in August, but I am definitely interested in building solid new relationships for the long term.

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Matt Rouge translation update for June 11, 2009

The past month has been quite busy for Japanese to English translation. Major projects:

I subtitled another script for a major Japanese TV production company.

I translated a video script for a major Japanese automaker, and I am about to begin on another for the same company. The videos are for two new models, one the company’s flagship sedan, and the other a crossover SUV.

For another major Japanese automaker, I am translating a pamphlet about their safety technologies.

As far as Japanese to English translation goes, I am essentially booked until sometime in August.

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Matt Rouge writing update for June 11, 2009

June has been a massively busy month thus far. I have three main projects to talk about:

New ghost blogging client
Great new client! Truly fun to write for. Taking on only a few more clients will put me in the state known as “maxed out.”

Major Japanese automaker newsletter
This gig is going very well. Also quite fun.

Biz lit book enters editing stage
I am done taking dictation from my coauthor, and now it’s up to me to put it together.

I am more or less booked for the summer, but I am interesting in taking on steady work such as regular script writing, newsletter writing, and ghost blogging.

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