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CASIO ad with copy by Matt RougeMy writing is used on the Web and in print around the world by major automakers and other large corporations. The following are some examples of companies for which I have written. Please feel free to contact me for actual samples of my writing or a quote on your project.

A golf club video script translation by Matt RougeAlthough my main clients are large Japanese companies, not all of the writing I do for them is translation-based. In fact, I do about 20% of the work for my largest client in English without a Japanese source.

Japanese automaker A
• Press releases (Web, carried by major media around the world)
• Annual reports (Web and print)
• Video scripts
• Internal media (intranet, etc.)

Japanese automaker B
• Video scripts

Japanese automaker C
• Video script

Japanese semiconductor equipment manufacturer
• Website content
• Product catalogs (Web and print)
• Annual report content
• Trade show booth content

Japanese television studio
• Television show subtitles
• Annual report content

Japanese sporting goods manufacturer
• Video scripts

Japanese electronics manufacturer A
• Multiple ads in campaign

Japanese electronics manufacturer B
• Press kit

Japanese electronics manufacturer C
• Product catalog

Japanese electronics manufacturer D
• Print ad

Other Japanese companies
Most of the above companies are household names in Japan and the United States, and the smallest of them has over $300 million in sales per year. I have also helped other smaller Japanese companies as well. I am often asked to create website content, video scripts, and print pieces for use in English-speaking markets outside Japan.

Local companies
Based in Indianapolis, I write regularly for companies around Indiana and outside the state as well. These companies include manufacturers and a wide variety of service providers. About 80% of what I do for local companies is website content, the remainder being print ads, brochures, direct mail pieces, and other marketing materials. With my marketing background, I am especially good at reviewing a company’s marketing messages and producing complete content for its website.

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