Japanese translation and interpretation

Matt at Towa Tsusho Co., Ltd. in 1996A student of Japanese since 1992, I have also lived and worked in Japan a total of eight years. Through hard work and immersion in the language, I have achieved a level of Japanese fluency typically described as “near-native,” with most Japanese people considering me the most proficient non-native they have ever met. My reading level is that of a highly educated native with a commensurate knowledge of kanji, or Chinese characters.

My professional background has also helped me become a top-level translator and interpreter: in Japan, I worked for a trading company, a large drug manufacturer, and a large semiconductor equipment manufacturer; my business Japanese is top-notch with an extensive technical vocabulary.

Matt singing karaoke in 2001Skilled independent Japanese interpreters in the Indianapolis area are few in number, and I am regularly requested to interpret for local corporations, medical facilities, and law firms and the court. When it comes to translation, however, I can offer something truly rare: the ability to translate from Japanese into English appropriate for advertising and PR–writing, in other words, that has the right cadence and feel to it.

I look forward to discussing with you your interpretation and translation needs. Feel free to contact me at any time.

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