Public Relations (PR)

I’ve written PR pieces both for large multinational corporations and local firms. This work includes…

  • Press releases
  • Annual report content
  • Environmental report content
  • Philanthropy and social responsibility report content
  • Newsletters
  • Video scripts
  • Special pieces for the Web

The companies for which I’ve written include…

  • Two of the world’s largest and most successful automakers
  • One of the world’s top semiconductor equipment manufacturers
  • Local Indiana businesses

For one major Japanese automaker in particular, my PR writing is quite extensive. I have assisted this company with all of its major reports, which are available online and read extensively by people around the world. My work for this company also includes report articles written in English that were subsequently translated into Japanese for use in Japanese version.

I have written successful PR pieces for some of the largest companies in the world, and I can help your company, too. Please contact me for samples of my writing or a quote on your project.

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