Matt Rouge writing update for October 14, 2008

The automobile press kit project has been in stasis since last week but should be heating up again soon. In the meantime, I have been working on three other projects:

  • The biographies for my local client. There are nine of them, and the trick has been to get a good balance between them so that all have the same length, same tone, and same level of appeal. It looks as though they will be used as Web content by the client. I’m somewhat of a perfectionist, but I think I’m almost there.
  • A book I’m writing with a client. Actually, he’s the boss, he’s the main author, and I’m the editor and encourager. The topic is under wraps for now, but let’s just say that it deals with self-improvement in the world of business. My author is really quite brilliant, and it truly is a privilege to be a part of his work. Once we get a publishing deal together, of course I will raise a big ruckus about it here and tell you exactly where you can buy it.
  • Finishing up my basketball story. “After the Big Game” will be published in four installments in college basketball programs.

I’ve got really good momentum on the book, so it looks as though that will be my focus for tomorrow, but things often fly in from Japan while I sleep!

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